Friday, September 16, 2011

Installing TestLink

Go to TestLink website and download the software package.
We are using the latest version (1.9.3) during the write up of this tutorial.
From the LAMP stack, 'webmin' user interface, we will install TestLink.
From the navigation bar 'Tools', go to 'File Manager'. This module is a Java application, make sure you have Java installed on your machine.
Navigate to /var/www and upload the testlink software package to this directory.
When the upload is successful, unpack the package using the 'Extract' tool from the 'File Manager'.
Testlink should be now on the directory /var/www/testlink-1.9.3/
In order to install TestLink, we need to create a SQL database with the correct user permisssions. So we will now use phpmyadmin module from the LAMP stack. The URL can be found on the screen on the VM player. (example given below).

Login with username 'root' and use the same password during the setup of the LAMP stack. Then under the tool bar 'Privileges', click on the 'Add a new user'
Insert all the necessary fields as shown below and click 'Go'. Remember to keep the password because it is required for updating new versions of TestLink in the future.

Now you are all set to install TestLink! Go to URL where you have unpacked the Testlink package. (eg. and follow the installation instruction. Once complete, login to TestLink and start to create a new Project. Familiarize yourself with this software and then move on to the next tutorial. Testlink provides a user manual which is very helpful.

Install VM Player and Install a LAMP stack

  1. Go to VM Player website and download the binaries.
  2. Install VM player on your local machine and launch the application.
  3. Go to TurnKey Linux and download the LAMP stack for VM Player.
  4. Extract the package and from VM Player, open/ run the LAMP stack.
  5. Once the VM is running test the connection by going to the web interface of the LAMP stack. It should be a local IP address (eg. shown after the LAMP stack is running.
  6. Try to login using the 'root' account.

Getting Started

What we need
  1. Virtual Machine with a LAMP stack. Download VM player and a LAMP stack (eg. Turnkey Lamp)
  2. Install Testlink (current version on this write up is 1.9.3) on the LAMP stack.
  3. Download and extract Java Eclipse SDK. Install TestNG on Eclipse.
  4. Download Firefox and install Selenium as the addon.